Feb 24 2016

Cleaning Toilets One-Handed

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I was cleaning the bathrooms one day last week as I often do (okay, as I occasionally do), and Christian came in to see what I was up to. My mind was elsewhere and I gave him a quick rundown, wishing, honestly, that he’d just leave me alone. I wanted to get this done and preferably without the help of a three-year-old.  But he stayed. “What are you doing?” he [...]

Feb 10 2016

(Don’t) Believe in Love

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Some months ago, I had had a rough day. I can’t remember the specifics, but by the time I crawled into bed that night I didn’t have much left. Thankfully though, I married well. Turning to Josh I asked him to pray for me. “I’m feeling discouraged,” I explained.  At least he's terribly handsome. He did. And what followed will surely go down in Hall folklore forever. “Lord, [...]

Jan 27 2016

I’m Tired. That is All.

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Since Nate came along, more than one person has asked me what it was like to have four. Their questions usually come out in almost-whispers, as if just voicing an interest in our bigger family might cause one or two more kids to pop up in their brood too.  So what’s it like? They ask. Is it crazy? Crazy? Yes. (Usually.) But it’s also wonderful. Usually. And absolutely worth it. [...]

Jan 13 2016

When the Grass Withers and the Milk Spills (Again)

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So here I am today: at my favorite coffee shop, sipping my pretty beverage. Kid-free and with hours to spare. Just me and my computer. And I want to be home. And yesterday, in my comfortable, safe, lovely home, I complain at Josh—who endlessly chops wood and loads wood and carries wood so that we have wood to burn—that it’s only 68 degrees in the house and I need it [...]

Jan 6 2016

New Year, New Prayers, New Mice in the Pantry

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Oftentimes I write this blog at my favorite coffee shop. I seem to get inspired there, for some reason. Maybe it’s the white chocolate mocha that I pay entirely too much for or all the bouncy college girls in their leggings and messy-on-purpose hair that make me feel sort of  almost halfway slightly bouncy (though I can’t pull off the messy hair. And the leggings… just no.) But today I [...]

Dec 9 2015

And the Winner is…

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Well, friends, you confirmed it. Giveaways are my favorite.  Goodbye, Necklace. I loved you. Thank you all for sharing your delightful (and funny and ridiculous and inspiring) Christmas traditions with me. I enjoyed reading every last one of them. Unfortunately, though, there can be only one winner of the extra fantastic giveaway and those extra fantastic goodies. So, congrats to...Carrie!  This is my hand. I found taking [...]

Dec 7 2015

The Year of the (Im)Perfect Advent

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I’ll never forget the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. That’s when I learned to embroider. While my husband cheered on the bobsledders and skiers beside me, I toiled over the 24 hand-stitched, felt ornaments that would hang on our Advent calendar that Christmas. Never mind that I had never embroidered a single thing in my life or that December was still ten months away, Advent that year would be something special. [...]

Dec 2 2015

A Shorty (Yes!) and a Giveaway (Even Better!)

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Well...we didn't make it in by Thanksgiving. But thanks for asking.  If you're new here, we're renovating an old farmhouse while we live with my folks. If you're old here, you're probably tired of hearing about it. I know I am.  The painting. It never ends. But our goal of Thanksgiving came and went and we spent it sanding and painting and forgetting that everyone else was slathering [...]

Nov 11 2015

Tuna Fish Sandwiches, Plunger Lickers, and My Beloved Kids: A Rerun

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Due to living in that constant place of There is Not Enough Time in the Day, I'm running a reprint this week. This was one of the first posts I wrote on this blog, published almost two years ago to the day. Back when I only had three kids. Back when I thought I was busy. Back when I thought I couldn't handle one more thing. Oh, 2013 Hannah, how [...]

Nov 4 2015

Hoping in Houses (and other Forms of Hooey)

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With the exception of our sweet Fish Stick (who somehow grows more delicious on a daily basis) we are midway through a month of celebrating the births of our entire clan. See? What'd I tell you? Delicious. As I write, Christian is turning 3 and, in his revelry, most likely striking someone somewhere with something. It’s his favorite way to celebrate. Josh’s birthday was the day before Christian’s [...]

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