Oct 21 2015

The Tale of the Paci

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Just curious. Where were you last Saturday morning at about, say, 3 a.m.? Because I was stuck under Nate’s crib. It’s a long story. ~ Josh spends many an hour at the farmhouse, and I’m desperate to be involved. So desperate, in fact, that I will gladly scrape ancient wallpaper off the shiplap if it means that I can play even a tiny role in getting that house done and [...]

Sep 30 2015

Parenting, Pex, and One Very Cranky Lady

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As mentioned earlier, I’m not terribly handy.  For example, I just learned last week how to french braid hair, which is quite the accomplishment considering that I am mother of two girls who request braids almost daily.  Unfortunately though, hair-braiding skills are not much use on The Great Happy Hall Farm Renovation Project of 2015. Josh is ripping and pounding and demo-ing and digging, and here I am french braiding. [...]

Sep 16 2015

Being Thankful: House Guts and All

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This won’t be long. I don’t have time for long these days. The kids and Josh and the dog and I have stuffed ourselves and our gobs of stuff into my parent’s house.  We are so very grateful for their hospitality, but we are on top of each other here and I’m questioning what kind of logic I was using when I brought along 14 pairs of shoes. Josh is [...]

Sep 3 2015

It’s Not About the House

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Well, this happened a few weeks ago. First grade. Sniff, sniff.   And then this happened. Fact: They will still let you buy farms even when your hair is really, really greasy. (And your pictures are really, really blurry.) Which equals this: Moving day. More sniff, sniff.  (Also, I had no idea we were so junky. I blame Josh Hall.) And add in Toothless [...]

Aug 12 2015

Protein, Paleo, and Those Evil Prime Numbers

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I have discovered something about myself over the last 23 days or so. I do not like being out of balance. It explains why I never much cared for teeter-totters and my general dislike for odd numbers. (The number 19 makes me shiver.) I want symmetry and even-ness. I want balance. And I want chocolate. So it was possibly the dumbest thing Josh and I have ever done when we [...]

Aug 5 2015

On God, Giveaways, and Several Pairs of Sunglasses

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Several weeks ago, we left the oven that was Arkansas and trucked our way down to Florida. The trip there and back—six of us stuffed in a minivan with four car seats, five (ridiculously large) pillows, 56 blankets (why??), sand pails, beach chairs, dirty diapers, crumbling cheez-its, a leaky radiator (hence: dodgy air-conditioning), a bloody nose or two, and a speeding ticket—was, well, mildly unpleasant. Doesn't look unpleasant, does [...]

Jul 22 2015

The Worst Thing (and the Best): A Rerun

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(I originally published this post nearly a year and half ago following a particularly awful story in my local news. Though the events I mention below aren't current, the message, I think, is still relevant.  God is good. God is trustworthy. God has not changed. I need to remember that this week. I wonder if you do too.)   This is the one I didn’t want to write. It’s too [...]

Jul 8 2015

When Daddy says No

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I was talking to Josh a few days ago and wondering aloud if my blog was becoming something of a health-and-wealth-er. You know, I write things that make people feel good and avoid writing about what might tick them off. (‘Cause the 15-year-old Hannah trapped in 32-year-old Hannah's body still wants you to like her, that’s why.) And since my intent with this blog is to make God and his [...]

Jun 17 2015

Haylofts and Home Inspections

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As of last week, we are selling our house. Well, trying to anyway. Just a few days after I soapboxed about not missing out on my children’s precious little lives because of something silly like cleaning house, I found myself cleaning house. A lot. We were getting ready to show it to a couple of prospective buyers, and suddenly all these kids that I was supposed to be enjoying were [...]

Jun 3 2015

Mission Enjoy

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There is much confusion around our house about when summer officially starts. The concept of being on summer break versus the beginning of the actual season of summer is especially perplexing to Hattie, who asks, nearly daily, “Is it summer yet?” It is. I’ll tell you how I know. Everyone cancels everything in summer. This may sound delightful to those of you who go constantly and look forward to the [...]

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