Jul 5 2016

Saying Dirty Wordys (Over at Heather’s today…)

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In the spirit of busyness and summer, and long, hot days, I'm happy to do something a little different this week. I'm posting over on Heather's blog, Glimpses of Jesus, today. Heather is a sweet friend with the most gentle spirit I've ever known. Check out my post there this week and stop by her blog and look around while you're at it, please. She really is as lovely as she [...]

Jun 29 2016

Baby dolls, Paint Jobs, and Six Measly Books

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Sweet socks, eh? Years ago, I saved my allowance for a bath time baby doll. I must have been about nine, and I had to have that doll. The girls in the commercial with their strategically placed bubbles were having a blast with her; I would too. She came with robe, for relaxing after bath time; I would relax and wear my robe too. It would be amazing [...]

Jun 22 2016

Grabbing Hold and Hanging On

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Oh, hello, Blog. It's me, Hannah. I've been away for a bit. Sorry. I blame summer. Summer tends to steal things, like my schedule. And my children’s bedtimes. And my clean-ish bathroom. And my desire to blog. But in case you were wondering, we are quite well. And thank you for asking. Josh is growing a beard stout enough to shame a lumberjack, and I still love him in spite of it. [...]

Jun 1 2016

When Our Lists Look Like THIS:

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I’m back from a writer’s conference in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina this week. He's cute. But very, very sticky. I came home refreshed in my mission and inspired to write beautiful words to the glory of God. I came home loving my writer friends and praising God for the non-writer friends who prayed for me while I was away. I came home ready to be [...]

May 11 2016

On Finding Balance (It’s Not at Chuck-E-Cheese)

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I'm writing over on a sweet friend's blog this week. It's all about balancing being a mom and working and life and how I finally figured out the key to never being overwhelmed again. Heh. Just kidding. But check it out anyway, please. I pray God encourages you as you read it here... P.S. Also, Annie's an amazing women with an amazing story. Check out her blog and her new book while you're [...]

May 4 2016

Bubbles, Books, and I’m Finally Back

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So, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. It wasn’t intentional, but sometimes things happen, right? Let me catch you up. There was a trip to Nashville. I spent time with some amazing people. Josh played some expensive guitars. And the kids will remember only the bubble baths. Then there’s been sickness. I was afraid it was hitting me like it did this time last year. Remember the pneumonia? Two [...]

Apr 14 2016

For the Mom Who Can’t Stop Worrying

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I’ve seen my children kidnapped more than once. I’ve watched predators stalk my daughters and seen my sons run into busy streets. I’ve stood helplessly by while tornados destroyed our home and wept inconsolably over the mangled remains of our minivan. I’ve been through a lot…and yet none of it is real. Join me over at TheBetterMom today, would ya? I'm guest blogging about how I fight those invisible fears that keep [...]

Mar 30 2016

Holiness, Sin, and Tapered-Leg Jeans

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I suspect God had to chuckle at himself a bit when he gave me two daughters right off the bat.  Payback would be sweet. My mother especially deserves a good stern handshake for surviving my teen years. Clothing was a major issue. In my 14-year-old brilliance, I was certain that those high-waisted pants and tapered-leg jeans she wore would never, ever in a thousand-bazillion years be in style, and therefore she [...]

Mar 16 2016

It’s Impossible.

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Have you seen the video?  (That sounds like the subject line on a nasty spam email, but I promise you, this one's legit.)  Because I am a dork and can barely operate our toaster oven, it is almost pointless for me to even attempt to figure out how to post videos to this dadblamed blog. So you'll have to follow the link to view it. But do it, please. You'll [...]

Mar 2 2016

The Picture I’m Not Supposed to Post

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Some weeks you just don’t have it.  Posted it anyway. Oops. (And I like that it looks like he's wearing a hair net. Just voted, Josh? Or just served some meatloaf? Either way, well done.) This is one of them.  It’s a normal week with normal things, but a feeling is heavy in the pit of my stomach. It’s worry or fear or maybe it’s just a general [...]

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