Well…we didn’t make it in by Thanksgiving. But thanks for asking. 

If you’re new here, we’re renovating an old farmhouse while we live with my folks. If you’re old here, you’re probably tired of hearing about it. I know I am. 

Roller selfie.  (Sorry. These are the bad jokes you make when you've been painting all day.)

The painting. It never ends.

But our goal of Thanksgiving came and went and we spent it sanding and painting and forgetting that everyone else was slathering turkey with gravy and suffering through pumpkin pie. But we were thankful still. The end is in sight.

 It is a shame this little project is trickling over into the Christmas season too though because the great temptation is to let sinks and shiplap and the color of our faucets (who even really cares?!) steal the focus from why we really celebrate this lovely season: presents! 

Kidding, kidding.

But I do like presents, I do. Not as much as like Jesus, but they come in awfully close behind.

So, in celebration of the birth of my favorite Savior of the world and in honor of my love of presents and because I absolutely do not have time to write more than 227 words this week, let’s do an extra fantastic giveaway of the following extra fantastic goodies, shall we? 

First, for the kiddies in your life and because it’s my blog and what else would you expect:

A signed copy of God Bless Our Christmas. (Or God Bless Our Fall, if you’d prefer it. In all my busy-ness, I had to cancel a few speaking gigs last month and therefore have some inventory left over. Your choice of either one.)



Second, this fabulous necklace designed by Polished Arrow.


It’s so charming, I got carried away a few months ago and ordered approximately 47 of these for Christmas presents. (On a unrelated side note, all of my sisters-in-law and close friends should forget they ever saw this.)

Besides being terribly adorable, for each of these necklaces purchased, $8 is donated to Rapha House, an organization dedicated to rescuing, loving and healing children rescued from sex trafficking and exploitation. It’s such a heartbreaking cause, I can’t even wrap my mind around it. But I can buy an necklace and give it to you and pray that you’ll check out their website and consider donating or praying or shopping too. 

Lastly, and, ooohhhhh, this is a good one. One Loom, a delightful company owned by a delightful friend of mine, creates sustainable jobs for desperately poor single mothers living in Guatemala. With One Loom’s help, these beautiful women go on to create loveliness such as this:

The clutch. Not the hand.

A clutch so delicious I might just eat it before I send it on to you. 

So, there. Three prizes. One giveaway. Just in time for Christmas.

To win all three, just leave a comment below and tell me about your family’s favorite Christmas tradition. 

Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter or share this post on Facebook, you’ll be entered twice. (Just be sure to tell me you did. The Facebook folks can be a little stingy with their information.) Winner will be announced next week! 

Happy Giveaway-ing, friends!