Jan 14 2015

On Going to Bed with Batteries

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Our sweet (and difficult and hilarious and fearsome) Christian has developed a few special loves in his short life. They are the following, ranked in order of importance: 1.)                   Grandpas (his in particular, but any older, graying fellow will suffice.) 2.)                   Hammers, screwdrivers and any other sharp or heavy life-threatening man-tools. 3.)                   Batteries. Personally, I can understand the love of grandpas and tools. He is a boy, after all. But [...]

Nov 5 2014

Nose Picking for Beginners

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I had one of my favorite bedtime conversations to date with this gal this week. Hattie: “Mommy, I’m scared of the dark.” Me: “You don’t need to be scared, Sweetie. God says he has his angels all around us to protect us.” Hattie: “But why can’t I see them?” Me: “I don’t know. That’s the way God decided that it would be.” (I could use help with answering this question [...]

Sep 24 2014

Sanctification and a Whole Lotta Snot

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I have a pretty active imagination, I think. So when I concocted a family getaway to the marvelously fantastic Silver Dollar City last weekend, visions of singsong road trips, happy bonding and riotous laughter swirled romantically through my noggin. How blessed my children must feel to have parents who love them so much! They’ll always be able to look back on their childhood with such happy memories! How grateful they’ll [...]

Jun 11 2014

When Life Happens…

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I nearly died this week. Or maybe I should say I wanted to die this week. But there wouldn’t be a runaway minivan or a creepy bad guy  to blame in on this time. It was my own cursed sinuses that were the culprit. I felt a little bit like ripping my own face off, just to release some of the pressure. But, alas, a face comes in handy when [...]

Apr 29 2014

Texting while Teeter-Tottering (And Other Good Ways to Lose Your Balance)

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I grew up on a state park, which was a bit like having an enormous playground in your backyard. Which, technically, we did. My brother, Jake, and I outside the park museum. We dressed up for the occasion. That was back when teeter-totters were fun. Excuse me. Let me rephrase. That was back when teeter-totters were terrifying. I have vivid memories of clinging to my end of the seesaw while [...]

Apr 9 2014

A Daddy Kind of Love

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So you know how much I love Silver Dollar City, right? We had this couples-only staff retreat this last weekend that just so happened to take place a few miles down the road from the land of wonderfulness that is SDC. We needed to be at our retreat locale by dinner on Thursday night. It took two hours to get there. So we left about 9 hours early. The roller [...]

Apr 1 2014

Creaky Floors, Creaky Feet, and Just Saying “No”

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We lived in this fabulous old house growing up.  It had character by the bucket load. I loved that place. Me (age 2, not 4) with my brothers in our front yard. The house came with one of those ancient, bright red gas stoves in the kitchen. (What was it with us and big red things?) To cook on it, you had to turn on the burner with [...]

Mar 5 2014

Floppy Arms, Books of Rules and a Tiny Pair of Undies

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A friend and I met for a coffee a few weeks ago. It was blissful to get away from our messy houses and the general chaos of life with small children, but, alas, our conversation did not stray far from messy houses and life with small children. Sigh. We sat there for nearly two hours, dissecting our various parenting challenges, and at the end of nearly every paragraph of conversation, [...]

Feb 18 2014

Completely, Absolutely and OUTLANDISHLY Unequally Yoked

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A few days ago, in the car, in a completely random moment of perfection, Hattie calls to me from behind. “Mommy?” “Yes, hon?” “Mommy, I love Jesus.” ~ I don’t know what your moments are with your children. Those moments when you feel your heart squeeze and then nearly explode with happiness. Mine don’t require much. (I suspect yours don’t either.) A nursing infant playing with my hair. One of [...]

Jan 14 2014

Fear, Faith and Scary Men at the Park

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“Edy Jane, why are you up?” It was about the fifth time she had gotten out of bed that night, and Josh and I had had it.  She was 3 ½ years old at the time. Sweet, smart, and somewhat resembling a Dr. Seuss character… But her critical thinking skills were poor. Having already used all the usual excuses- I’m cold. I’m thirsty. I need to go to the bathroom. Etc.- the blank [...]

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