I nearly died this week.

Or maybe I should say I wanted to die this week.

But there wouldn’t be a runaway minivan or a creepy bad guy  to blame in on this time.

It was my own cursed sinuses that were the culprit.

I felt a little bit like ripping my own face off, just to release some of the pressure. But, alas, a face comes in handy when completing most household tasks, and, sadly, household tasks still must be completed, even when you are little more than an oozing, shuffling blob of a human being.


Despite wishing my head would just get it over with and explode already, I took Edy on a Mommy Daughter date this week, one night after Josh took Hattie on a Daddy Daughter date.

Hattie’s highlight was the turtle they found on the sidewalk beside the gas station.


Edy’s was petting the stray kitties and watching a hamster go nowhere on a hamster wheel at PetCo.


(We do fancy dates in the Hall house.)

But before you start thinking what fabulously involved and loving parents Josh and I must be, know that approximately one hour prior to Hattie’s date I was a blubbering, pitiful mess.

Because…sniff…we are…snort…failing our children! (Nose blow.)

Somewhere between six months to a year ago (and then about another year prior to that and then a few years before that one and then again somewhere around the time when Edy was born five and half years ago) we had solemnly vowed that we would be intentional about our parenting.

We would schedule individual monthly dates with our children so that they would know they were each one special and cherished.

We would discipline with love, grace and wisdom, and, as a result, our precious babies would joyfully listen and obey the first time every time.

We would faithfully date each other, and there would never be any doubt that our spouse came even before our children in importance to us.


But we sure had good intentions.


I usually write this blog based on what I’m learning in the Bible each week.

I can’t do that this time.

I haven’t been in the Word.

(Just being honest here.)

I blame my sickness.

Now, I believe you can legitimately blame a lot on Exploding Head Disease. That’s why my toilets were filthy, my hair was unwashed and my kids’ brains were started to go mushy from too many episodes of Daniel Tiger.


When can you ever excuse ignoring someone who loves you, cares about your well-being, and offers comfort, joy, protection and Life?

Hannah, dear, there is no excuse.


Josh and I have will have been married 10 years this week. (Hooray for us!)


But those weekly dates that the “How to Have a Great Marriage” articles endorse are a figment of Someone Who Doesn’t Have Toddlers’ imagination.

At least in our case.

We have not been intentional about dates with each other or with our kids.

It’s hard, you know?

Life happens, and it’s busy.

But I would strangle Josh and/or curl up and die if he went and took a week or so off from speaking to me and spending time with me, even when that time is just tea on the porch or a movie after the kids go to bed.

Quality time together is important. It’s my love language, even.

I need it.

It sustains me and it sustains our marriage. We would be distant, distrustful and definitely falling out of love if we didn’t make spending time together a priority.

We would not survive without it.

My relationship with God is no different.


I’m not talking about legalistic gotta-read-the-Bible-‘cause-it’s-the-right-thing-to-do time, here.

I’m talking about “I love God and He loves me and want to be with Him every moment I can” time.

I missed Him this week.

I was off without Him.

I need time in His Word and in prayer. Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life.

Intentionality is required.


Life will get away from us if we’re not careful.

We won’t spend enough time with our kids.

We won’t date our spouses.

We won’t exercise.

We won’t grow closer to the Lord.

We will watch too much TV.

We will lose touch with friends.

We will get our lives all out of order.

And above all and most important, we will forget that the God of the Universe loves us and, for some crazy reason, wants to spend time with us.

What an opportunity!

Let’s not miss it, friends.  

It won’t be easy.

But it absolutely will be worth it.


What about you? Where do you struggle to be intentional?