May 17 2017

Back After Jack

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Dear Friends, Are you still out there? I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t. I’ve been gone for entirely too long to expect you to hang around waiting on me. But, in case you did, here are my excuses for my absence: I taught at a writing conference in Florida in February. I prepared for it for at least 47 years and then didn’t sleep the entire time I was [...]

Sep 30 2015

Parenting, Pex, and One Very Cranky Lady

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As mentioned earlier, I’m not terribly handy.  For example, I just learned last week how to french braid hair, which is quite the accomplishment considering that I am mother of two girls who request braids almost daily.  Unfortunately though, hair-braiding skills are not much use on The Great Happy Hall Farm Renovation Project of 2015. Josh is ripping and pounding and demo-ing and digging, and here I am french braiding. [...]

May 27 2015

Scribbles, Yawns, and When You’re Never, Ever, EVER Alone

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This is what happens when you leave your Bible open:   It’s a fitting passage for two-year-old Hattie to have scribbled out, actually.  When we chose her name it was because I thought it was cute and old fashion-dy. I disregarded that Hattie means, “Ruler of the Household.” So her marking out the verses in 1 Peter about wives submitting to their husbands makes sense, really. She’s may have a [...]

May 7 2015

When It’s (Not) Easy, Peasy Lemon-Squeezy

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Somewhere around 8 p.m. on Day five on the Nate-Fisher’s-Life-Outside-the-Womb timeline, Josh and I finally had three out of four kids in bed and were desperate to head there ourselves. I nearly posted a picture of me holding Nate right around Day 5, but it was just too hideous. So I took me out of it, and this cuteness was left. A vast improvement, I think. With brains [...]

Apr 29 2015

The Tale of the Fly

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Many moons ago, Josh and I were painting our garage. I didn’t want to be painting the garage. It was hot, and the garage was big and this was back before we had kiddos and I took for granted what a luxury it was to complete a Saturday afternoon project without having to stop 37 times because someone pooped or fell off their bike or needed a snack. (I love [...]

Mar 18 2015

A Tale of Sinkholes, Snow Peas and Ugly Good Books

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The date: Monday night. The situation: Hattie was crying. Again. The location: Her bed, where she had to stay until she could get it together. The scenario: Illogical tears. Again. The conversation: Me: “Hattie, you’ve got to get control of your emotions. You are getting far too upset over the smallest things tonight.” (And every night. If anyone has any advice on dealing with a child who cries for 15 [...]

Feb 26 2015

The Beautiful

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A friend reminded me of C.S. Lewis this week. She mentioned Mere Christianity, which I have, to my shame, never read in it's entirety. To salvage my reputation amongst you smartypants intellectual types, I do have a favorite Lewis quote.   He writes, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”  The source of my Lewis quote, in case you were wondering. (And annother [...]

Feb 19 2015

Guest Post: Janet Surette

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I met the lovely and gracious Janet Surette at a writer's conference last May in Asheville, N.C. Janet is on the right. Our sweet and equally lovely friend, Heather, is in the middle. And I am on the left. With the big hair. She was a tall, willowy Canadian that ate gluten-free and exhaled wisdom.  I followed her around like a puppy, and she let me.  If anything, Janet [...]

Feb 11 2015

When You’re Overflowing

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Just in case you didn’t feel exceedingly sorry for me after last week, allow me to give you another chance. Josh was gone again this weekend. Not out of town gone, just busy with meetings that consumed all of Saturday and most of Sunday gone.  Fortunately for us, the weather was gorgeous both days. (Serves him right. Bwahahaha!) I spent most of it on a picnic blanket in the backyard [...]

Feb 4 2015

When Undies Aren’t Funny

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This weekend was about 3,000 hours long. I’m no smarty-pants, but I’m pretty sure weekends supposed to go by faster than that.  In further efforts to ruin my day, Josh kept excellent tabs on just how many overturned  and abandoned vehicles they saw while on their trek home. He was sure to post them on social media sites frequently, just to keep us nervous wives informed, I suppose. The [...]

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