May 17 2017

Back After Jack

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Dear Friends, Are you still out there? I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t. I’ve been gone for entirely too long to expect you to hang around waiting on me. But, in case you did, here are my excuses for my absence: I taught at a writing conference in Florida in February. I prepared for it for at least 47 years and then didn’t sleep the entire time I was [...]

Nov 3 2016

A Giveaway! And What I do NOT Look Like When I’m Sleeping

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How did they get this picture of me? Were yesterday a scene from a 1940’s black and white movie, I would have been the character sitting at her typewriter wadding up page after page of doomed story attempt and tossing them over my shoulder—mostly unsuccessfully—into a nearby trashcan. Everything I attempted to write for this week’s blog felt forced. Or pointless. Or over-opinionated. Like I was a walking [...]

May 27 2015

Scribbles, Yawns, and When You’re Never, Ever, EVER Alone

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This is what happens when you leave your Bible open:   It’s a fitting passage for two-year-old Hattie to have scribbled out, actually.  When we chose her name it was because I thought it was cute and old fashion-dy. I disregarded that Hattie means, “Ruler of the Household.” So her marking out the verses in 1 Peter about wives submitting to their husbands makes sense, really. She’s may have a [...]

May 20 2015

Pots, Pans, Power Wheels and Hattie Anne

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Josh was home from work early one day last week, and the weather was perfect. He proposed we go to the park. We began the super easy process of getting everyone out the door, which involved the following: one car seat, one stroller, two bikes, two bike helmets, a Power Wheels car that doesn’t work, an impromptu photo shoot of the baby bird unfortunate enough to have been found in [...]

Mar 25 2015

Pistachios, Pollen and Zero Pink Socks

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Between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. on Tuesday, I said (read: yelled) the following to the following: Not including the zebra, of course. “Christian, get away from that snake.” “Please do not bury mommy’s shoes in the flowerpot ever again.” “Where is all this snot coming from?” “I hate Spring Break.” “Why are you crying?” “Do not pour dirt on your brother.” “It is not necessary [...]

Feb 11 2015

When You’re Overflowing

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Just in case you didn’t feel exceedingly sorry for me after last week, allow me to give you another chance. Josh was gone again this weekend. Not out of town gone, just busy with meetings that consumed all of Saturday and most of Sunday gone.  Fortunately for us, the weather was gorgeous both days. (Serves him right. Bwahahaha!) I spent most of it on a picnic blanket in the backyard [...]

Jan 28 2015

When Your Jesus Tells Time

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Something has been bothering me since Sunday. We sang a song in worship that morning that I still can’t quite reconcile. I tried to sing it like I meant it, but the words stuck and soured. It said: I believe You're my Healer I believe You are all I need I believe You're my Portion I believe You're more than enough for me Jesus You're all I need And that’s [...]

Dec 17 2014

We Sing Hallelujah.

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This boy is sick this week. Again. It seems that these pesky fevers are no respecters of the holiday. As if I don’t have a million things I need to do and then a bazillion things on top of those things that I’d like to be doing. (Like baking pumpkin bread. I love you, sweet Pumpkin Bread. Am I ever going to get to enjoy your homemade deliciousness??) At least [...]

Dec 3 2014

Trees, Keys, and More Giveaways! Oh my!

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I didn’t blog last week, in case you didn’t notice.  I wish I could say it was because we were just so darn busy with, you know, the normal stuff—forming cheese balls in the shape of fat little turkeys, feeding the hungry at a local shelter, chopping down our own Christmas tree whilst wearing pricey L.L. Bean snow boots and stylish outerwear—but we weren’t. Instead, I got the call to [...]

Sep 4 2014

Legos, Life and a Little Bit of Jesus

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I am really going to mess with Josh’s head if I don’t stop posting about how brilliant he is, but here I am again. I realized in a moment of horrific epiphany this last week that yet another of his bizarre little sayings was actually quite true. (But for the sake of keeping him humble, first please enjoy another one of my favorite shots of him, acting very much like [...]

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