Jun 25 2014

When the Soul Starves…

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To set the stage: Edy was four, and would have looked about like this: It was bedtime. She was upstairs and already tucked in, but called down to us in the kitchen and so began the following conversation: Edy: “Daddy?” Josh: “Yes?” Edy: “Can I ask you a question?” Josh: “Yes.” Edy: “My towel is still up here.” Josh: “That’s not a question, Edy.” Edy: “I don’t feel so good.” [...]

Jun 4 2014

There, Back and Needing a Nap

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In case you were wondering where I’ve been, I flew to lovely Asheville, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  Asheville really is beautiful, but the trees in the background of this blurryish shot of my friend, Niki, and I are the only scenery I got a picture of, unfortunately. Just imagine a lot more trees on rolling mountains, and that's Asheville. I was nearly giddy. Packed up, [...]

May 7 2014

When You Lose…And Then You Win

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Many of you who read this blog have known me for as long as I have existed. You’ve watched me grow and graduate and marry and birth some kiddos and settle, and I suspect, to the outside eye, it has all seemed quite normal.  Unexceptional. Rather boring, even. But something happened one day seven years ago that gave my average, unexceptional, American Christian life a swift kick in the pants. [...]

Apr 16 2014

Marriage…and Mayonaise

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A few months after Edy turned four, she walked into the kitchen and threw this one at me: “Mommy, I’m pregnant.” I admit. It caught me a little off guard. “What does ‘pregnant’ mean, darling?” I asked. “It means I’m a princess.” I carefully (and very briefly) explained the actual definition of pregnancy, and she quickly realized her error. “Oh,” she said, “I mean, I’m married.” Edy, Age 4 [...]

Feb 25 2014

The Worst Thing (and the Best)

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This is the one I didn’t want to write. It’s too hard. And it’s too awful. It’s too big for me. It comes after a week in the news that strikes every parent at the core of their deepest, darkest fears. It comes after everyone in world who could or would pray, prayed, and social media blasted its Amber Alerts and all the trained professionals with their years of experience [...]

Dec 17 2013

The Manger, the Cross and Your Teeth

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So our family devotion times have been pretty hit and miss. Not in consistency. We’ve been consistent. But success has been considerably harder to measure. One night the girls will impress us with what they retained from the evening before: “Immanuel means ‘God with us!’” The next night Hattie interrupts the prophecy in Isaiah with this question: “Why do your teeth stay in your mouth?” Since it just so happened [...]

Dec 3 2013

Paper Chains and Perfection

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My kitchen resembles the inside of an obnoxious Mexican restaurant.  Josh had to work a few nights ago, so I suggested we girls do some kind of Christmas craft to pass the time. As always, any mention of crafting was met with exuberant excitement and sheer joy.  All this for chains made out of construction paper.  I had imagined quaint and homey Little House on the Prairie-like red and green [...]

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