Nov 3 2016

A Giveaway! And What I do NOT Look Like When I’m Sleeping

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How did they get this picture of me? Were yesterday a scene from a 1940’s black and white movie, I would have been the character sitting at her typewriter wadding up page after page of doomed story attempt and tossing them over my shoulder—mostly unsuccessfully—into a nearby trashcan. Everything I attempted to write for this week’s blog felt forced. Or pointless. Or over-opinionated. Like I was a walking [...]

May 4 2016

Bubbles, Books, and I’m Finally Back

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So, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. It wasn’t intentional, but sometimes things happen, right? Let me catch you up. There was a trip to Nashville. I spent time with some amazing people. Josh played some expensive guitars. And the kids will remember only the bubble baths. Then there’s been sickness. I was afraid it was hitting me like it did this time last year. Remember the pneumonia? Two [...]

Dec 9 2015

And the Winner is…

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Well, friends, you confirmed it. Giveaways are my favorite.  Goodbye, Necklace. I loved you. Thank you all for sharing your delightful (and funny and ridiculous and inspiring) Christmas traditions with me. I enjoyed reading every last one of them. Unfortunately, though, there can be only one winner of the extra fantastic giveaway and those extra fantastic goodies. So, congrats to...Carrie!  This is my hand. I found taking [...]

Dec 2 2015

A Shorty (Yes!) and a Giveaway (Even Better!)

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Well...we didn't make it in by Thanksgiving. But thanks for asking.  If you're new here, we're renovating an old farmhouse while we live with my folks. If you're old here, you're probably tired of hearing about it. I know I am.  The painting. It never ends. But our goal of Thanksgiving came and went and we spent it sanding and painting and forgetting that everyone else was slathering [...]

Aug 12 2015

Protein, Paleo, and Those Evil Prime Numbers

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I have discovered something about myself over the last 23 days or so. I do not like being out of balance. It explains why I never much cared for teeter-totters and my general dislike for odd numbers. (The number 19 makes me shiver.) I want symmetry and even-ness. I want balance. And I want chocolate. So it was possibly the dumbest thing Josh and I have ever done when we [...]

Aug 5 2015

On God, Giveaways, and Several Pairs of Sunglasses

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Several weeks ago, we left the oven that was Arkansas and trucked our way down to Florida. The trip there and back—six of us stuffed in a minivan with four car seats, five (ridiculously large) pillows, 56 blankets (why??), sand pails, beach chairs, dirty diapers, crumbling cheez-its, a leaky radiator (hence: dodgy air-conditioning), a bloody nose or two, and a speeding ticket—was, well, mildly unpleasant. Doesn't look unpleasant, does [...]

Feb 26 2015

The Beautiful

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A friend reminded me of C.S. Lewis this week. She mentioned Mere Christianity, which I have, to my shame, never read in it's entirety. To salvage my reputation amongst you smartypants intellectual types, I do have a favorite Lewis quote.   He writes, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”  The source of my Lewis quote, in case you were wondering. (And annother [...]

Feb 19 2015

Guest Post: Janet Surette

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I met the lovely and gracious Janet Surette at a writer's conference last May in Asheville, N.C. Janet is on the right. Our sweet and equally lovely friend, Heather, is in the middle. And I am on the left. With the big hair. She was a tall, willowy Canadian that ate gluten-free and exhaled wisdom.  I followed her around like a puppy, and she let me.  If anything, Janet [...]

Feb 4 2015

When Undies Aren’t Funny

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This weekend was about 3,000 hours long. I’m no smarty-pants, but I’m pretty sure weekends supposed to go by faster than that.  In further efforts to ruin my day, Josh kept excellent tabs on just how many overturned  and abandoned vehicles they saw while on their trek home. He was sure to post them on social media sites frequently, just to keep us nervous wives informed, I suppose. The [...]

Dec 3 2014

Trees, Keys, and More Giveaways! Oh my!

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I didn’t blog last week, in case you didn’t notice.  I wish I could say it was because we were just so darn busy with, you know, the normal stuff—forming cheese balls in the shape of fat little turkeys, feeding the hungry at a local shelter, chopping down our own Christmas tree whilst wearing pricey L.L. Bean snow boots and stylish outerwear—but we weren’t. Instead, I got the call to [...]

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