Nov 19 2014

That One (Brief) Time We Halls were Big-Wigs…

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A few days ago, Josh and I secured a couple of fabulous babysitters (‘cause our kids take 2), got all gussied up and went to a fancy fundraiser banquet for a local crisis pregnancy center. I had registered us to attend months back, but I didn’t remember receiving any confirmation. So a few days before the banquet, I sent a quick e-mail to the organization’s executive director, who I had [...]

Nov 12 2014

Gifts! My Favorite! And a Giveaway! My Favorite!

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I turned 32 this weekend. There are no pictures to show it. All five of us around here have our birthdays within about a month of each other. I bring up the rear, so by the time mine rolls around everyone is tired of the camera. Hattie and I share a birthday, actually. She woke me at exactly 11:55 p.m. the night before my 28th year began to announce that [...]

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