Jun 1 2016

When Our Lists Look Like THIS:

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I’m back from a writer’s conference in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina this week. He's cute. But very, very sticky. I came home refreshed in my mission and inspired to write beautiful words to the glory of God. I came home loving my writer friends and praising God for the non-writer friends who prayed for me while I was away. I came home ready to be [...]

Jun 25 2014

When the Soul Starves…

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To set the stage: Edy was four, and would have looked about like this: It was bedtime. She was upstairs and already tucked in, but called down to us in the kitchen and so began the following conversation: Edy: “Daddy?” Josh: “Yes?” Edy: “Can I ask you a question?” Josh: “Yes.” Edy: “My towel is still up here.” Josh: “That’s not a question, Edy.” Edy: “I don’t feel so good.” [...]

Jun 4 2014

There, Back and Needing a Nap

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In case you were wondering where I’ve been, I flew to lovely Asheville, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  Asheville really is beautiful, but the trees in the background of this blurryish shot of my friend, Niki, and I are the only scenery I got a picture of, unfortunately. Just imagine a lot more trees on rolling mountains, and that's Asheville. I was nearly giddy. Packed up, [...]

Apr 23 2014

On Having Heart Problems…

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So it was a completely lovely weekend. We pretty much only came indoors to bathe, sleep, and grab the camera when Hattie so perfectly captured Josh’s likeness in chalk. It’s surprisingly accurate. My favorite part is the tongue...or is that a cigarette?? We squeezed in a little trip to the river too.  Josh let the girls reel in some whoppers, and Christian and I savored getting a little [...]

Nov 23 2013

Books, Tears and Pete the Cat

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I cried in Barnes and Noble the other night. I stood there in the children’s section surrounded by Pete’s New Shoes, crayons revolting (The Day the Crayons Quit- a terribly clever book. Check it out!) and about a bazillion Berenstain Bears books and cried. Now, I don’t normally cry in retail stores, but that night was different. I was holding in my hands yet another example of God’s incredible goodness to me. It [...]

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