Mar 25 2015

Pistachios, Pollen and Zero Pink Socks

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Between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. on Tuesday, I said (read: yelled) the following to the following: Not including the zebra, of course. “Christian, get away from that snake.” “Please do not bury mommy’s shoes in the flowerpot ever again.” “Where is all this snot coming from?” “I hate Spring Break.” “Why are you crying?” “Do not pour dirt on your brother.” “It is not necessary [...]

Jan 7 2015

And Here We Go Again…

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Our furnace is going out.  Hattie drew this picture of Josh a few days ago. I think it's quite accurate and explains why the furnace issue isn't as big a deal to him. You'd be warm too...if hair circled your entire head. The last few days I’ve been instructed by Josh (who sits in a warm office 8 hours a day) to “keep it turned off until you [...]

Oct 29 2014

Warning: Scariness Ahead

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Christian is running. Everywhere he goes, he runs (and pushes and bites.) He’s a serious little combination of stout legs, strong torso and an accidental (but convincing) Three Stooges haircut (compliments of his mother.) He is two this week. Beware. Hattie loves books, asking questions and crying. A lot. She is emotional, a fantastic hand-holder and makes us laugh on purpose. A lot. She has thankfully recovered from that horrible [...]

Jun 18 2014

A Call to Die (Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

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Just after graduating high school, when I was way too cool to participate in anything meaningful and designed to point me toward maturity, my church hosted a fun evening of separate Father/Son and Mother/Daughter events. The men were going camping, complete with a whole-pig roasting and “Dressling” matches, a clever little sport where participants put on thrift-store dresses over their clothes and wrestle, as seen here during a rather intense [...]

Apr 29 2014

Texting while Teeter-Tottering (And Other Good Ways to Lose Your Balance)

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I grew up on a state park, which was a bit like having an enormous playground in your backyard. Which, technically, we did. My brother, Jake, and I outside the park museum. We dressed up for the occasion. That was back when teeter-totters were fun. Excuse me. Let me rephrase. That was back when teeter-totters were terrifying. I have vivid memories of clinging to my end of the seesaw while [...]

Feb 25 2014

The Worst Thing (and the Best)

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This is the one I didn’t want to write. It’s too hard. And it’s too awful. It’s too big for me. It comes after a week in the news that strikes every parent at the core of their deepest, darkest fears. It comes after everyone in world who could or would pray, prayed, and social media blasted its Amber Alerts and all the trained professionals with their years of experience [...]

Feb 4 2014

It’s (Not) About Me.

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A few years ago, we were on our way to Branson, Missouri to visit the fabulously fantastic Silver Dollar City when Edy got carsick.  (Yes, Silver Dollar City really is that wonderful. Seriously, I want to retire there. Josh will grow a big beard and work in the carpenter’s shop, and I’ll wear an old-timey dress and get to make (and eat) cinnamon rolls in the bakery all day. It [...]

Jan 21 2014

The Aftermath

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The surgery went well.  So well.  It was fast and smooth and confirmed that we had done the right thing for our little girl. And Hattie was happy. She woke up from the anesthesia happy. She cuddled in our arms afterwards happy. When they gave her juice and pudding and a movie, she was I-never-want-to-leave-the-hospital happy. I was so thankful. Once again, God had been so good to us. I [...]

Dec 31 2013

Pillow Fights (And Not the Fun Kind)

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Christmas Eve morning. 5:30 a.m. My first thought: I want to whack Josh in the face with a pillow. Christian had been up and down all night- mad about something- so I had been up and down as well. I patted, snuggled, sang, located run-away pacifiers and the like, and all the while Sleeping Beauty with his fifteen pillows in the next room snoozed through the whole thing.  I considered [...]

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