Jan 6 2016

New Year, New Prayers, New Mice in the Pantry

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Oftentimes I write this blog at my favorite coffee shop. I seem to get inspired there, for some reason. Maybe it’s the white chocolate mocha that I pay entirely too much for or all the bouncy college girls in their leggings and messy-on-purpose hair that make me feel sort of  almost halfway slightly bouncy (though I can’t pull off the messy hair. And the leggings… just no.) But today I [...]

Nov 4 2015

Hoping in Houses (and other Forms of Hooey)

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With the exception of our sweet Fish Stick (who somehow grows more delicious on a daily basis) we are midway through a month of celebrating the births of our entire clan. See? What'd I tell you? Delicious. As I write, Christian is turning 3 and, in his revelry, most likely striking someone somewhere with something. It’s his favorite way to celebrate. Josh’s birthday was the day before Christian’s [...]

Oct 21 2015

The Tale of the Paci

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Just curious. Where were you last Saturday morning at about, say, 3 a.m.? Because I was stuck under Nate’s crib. It’s a long story. ~ Josh spends many an hour at the farmhouse, and I’m desperate to be involved. So desperate, in fact, that I will gladly scrape ancient wallpaper off the shiplap if it means that I can play even a tiny role in getting that house done and [...]

Sep 16 2015

Being Thankful: House Guts and All

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This won’t be long. I don’t have time for long these days. The kids and Josh and the dog and I have stuffed ourselves and our gobs of stuff into my parent’s house.  We are so very grateful for their hospitality, but we are on top of each other here and I’m questioning what kind of logic I was using when I brought along 14 pairs of shoes. Josh is [...]

Sep 3 2015

It’s Not About the House

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Well, this happened a few weeks ago. First grade. Sniff, sniff.   And then this happened. Fact: They will still let you buy farms even when your hair is really, really greasy. (And your pictures are really, really blurry.) Which equals this: Moving day. More sniff, sniff.  (Also, I had no idea we were so junky. I blame Josh Hall.) And add in Toothless [...]

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