Aug 12 2015

Protein, Paleo, and Those Evil Prime Numbers

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I have discovered something about myself over the last 23 days or so. I do not like being out of balance. It explains why I never much cared for teeter-totters and my general dislike for odd numbers. (The number 19 makes me shiver.) I want symmetry and even-ness. I want balance. And I want chocolate. So it was possibly the dumbest thing Josh and I have ever done when we [...]

Apr 29 2014

Texting while Teeter-Tottering (And Other Good Ways to Lose Your Balance)

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I grew up on a state park, which was a bit like having an enormous playground in your backyard. Which, technically, we did. My brother, Jake, and I outside the park museum. We dressed up for the occasion. That was back when teeter-totters were fun. Excuse me. Let me rephrase. That was back when teeter-totters were terrifying. I have vivid memories of clinging to my end of the seesaw while [...]

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