Feb 4 2015

When Undies Aren’t Funny

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This weekend was about 3,000 hours long. I’m no smarty-pants, but I’m pretty sure weekends supposed to go by faster than that.  In further efforts to ruin my day, Josh kept excellent tabs on just how many overturned  and abandoned vehicles they saw while on their trek home. He was sure to post them on social media sites frequently, just to keep us nervous wives informed, I suppose. The [...]

Jan 21 2015

Backwards and Prayer-wards

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The weather was perfect Monday. We were outside. I was enjoying a delicious four-course meal that Hattie and Christian had prepared from the finest ingredients available in our yard. Starters were a leaf and spinach salad served out of a filthy sand bucket, followed shortly by an upside down Frisbee full of French Toast and two desserts: a cupcake with a cherry on top and Cake Pie. I don’t know [...]

Aug 13 2014

Prayer, Glue Sticks and All-Consuming Fire

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If you’ve paid any kind of attention to the news in the last week, you’ve probably felt the same as me. Shocked. Sickened. Helpless. Fearful. Heavy. People are dying horrific deaths. Children are starving and worse. Warfare has broken out and disease has taken over. Things seem to be crumbling. The helplessness I feel is maddening…and then there’s the outrageous cost of school supplies. Isn’t it ironic? Children are being [...]

May 7 2014

When You Lose…And Then You Win

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Many of you who read this blog have known me for as long as I have existed. You’ve watched me grow and graduate and marry and birth some kiddos and settle, and I suspect, to the outside eye, it has all seemed quite normal.  Unexceptional. Rather boring, even. But something happened one day seven years ago that gave my average, unexceptional, American Christian life a swift kick in the pants. [...]

Mar 11 2014

Highs, Lows and All the Junk In Between

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Last week, a dear fellow-mommy friend of mine dropped off her youngest with me and headed off to a hair appointment alone. (So it was already a pretty big day, really.) I took our gaggle on walk. And she got a phone call. The caller identified herself as someone my friend and I had just been discussing. We had never met this woman, but she was a big, important, practically [...]

Feb 18 2014

Completely, Absolutely and OUTLANDISHLY Unequally Yoked

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A few days ago, in the car, in a completely random moment of perfection, Hattie calls to me from behind. “Mommy?” “Yes, hon?” “Mommy, I love Jesus.” ~ I don’t know what your moments are with your children. Those moments when you feel your heart squeeze and then nearly explode with happiness. Mine don’t require much. (I suspect yours don’t either.) A nursing infant playing with my hair. One of [...]

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