The weather was perfect Monday. We were outside.

I was enjoying a delicious four-course meal that Hattie and Christian had prepared from the finest ingredients available in our yard. Starters were a leaf and spinach salad served out of a filthy sand bucket, followed shortly by an upside down Frisbee full of French Toast and two desserts: a cupcake with a cherry on top and Cake Pie. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds delicious.

When I made the call that it was time for us to head inside for lunch Hattie bolted for the house first, determined to beat her very pregnant mommy and short-legged toddler brother in a footrace to the door. With Edy at school, she didn’t have any real competition. So with this unusual first-place finish coming her way, she thought she’d just go ahead and rub it in a little.

Nearing the threshold and smelling sweet victory, she yelled back at us, “First one to the door is a rotten egg!”

Hehe. Got that a little backwards, kiddo.

You must be your mama’s child. 

I've been praying for more moments of laughter in my life. So God planned ahead and gave me this girl.

I’ve been praying for more moments of laughter in my life. God planned ahead and gave me this girl.

Josh and I finally got insurance this year, which means we are 1.) officially adults and 2.) immediately due an Emergency Room visit. Josh went first.

He had been suffering from an ear infection for weeks (so scratch that about us becoming adults), and sometime around last weekend he began complaining that the right side of his tongue and mouth were numb. Several astute observers (his wife not included) noticed that something was up with his right eye as well.

He finally got around to calling his doctor, who called so-and-so ENT, who called back and said, “Go to the ER,” and threw in several ugly words just for fun like “brain infection” and “tumor.”

I wasn’t able to take him myself. Thankfully his mom stepped in and saved the day there. I was at home with the kids where I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

And by now we all know:

Waiting + Hannah = Things We Do Not Speak of.


Usually, anyway.

It’s funny how backwards I got this one.

A couple weeks ago, I was overcome by fear. Remember? And do you remember what it was that I found so frightening? Stuff that never actually ended up happening, that’s what.

I got all bent out of shape and emotional about possibilities that never came true. It was all in my head. Completely. It could still happen, yes, but it’s lost the terror that it held for me that particular day.

Now fast forward to the moment when something scary actually is happening.

My favorite human in the whole wide world is waiting to hear whether or not his brain is healthy, and I’m cleaning the bathrooms. (It needed to be done.)

It wasn’t because I wasn’t afraid. I was. And it wasn’t because I’m super strong all of the sudden. I’m not.

But there was one major factor that was different this time around, and I could feel it.

People were praying.

No one knew when I was blubbering mess a few weeks ago. I didn’t tell anyone. How could they?

This time, news traveled fast. We have a church family and numerous loving friends that circled the wagons and hemmed us in close. I got texts and phone calls. I got offers to help and encouraging words. I got the stuff you get when you surround yourself with people who love God.

Because people who love God are people who pray.

Win. Win.


The diagnosis turned out to be a minor case of Bell’s Palsy, a generally temporary paralysis of one side of the face. He will be fine.

He does have to tape his right eye closed when he sleeps and food occasionally flies out of that side of his mouth, but, hey, a guy that handsome probably needs a little humbling every once in a while.

Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy Matey!

And it was a good reminder for me too.

This life will serve us both good times and bad. We can’t control what or when or how those times come.

But we can control how we respond and who we invite to respond with us.

I needed people this weekend. People who would pray. With us and for us.

And they did. I felt it, and I scrubbed those bathrooms in the freedom afforded by it.

I was at peace.

So, thank you, Friends.

I get it all backwards sometimes, but you got it right.

You prayed, and God heard.

 “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b).


Ooh! And this came yesterday:


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