May 20 2015

Pots, Pans, Power Wheels and Hattie Anne

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Josh was home from work early one day last week, and the weather was perfect. He proposed we go to the park. We began the super easy process of getting everyone out the door, which involved the following: one car seat, one stroller, two bikes, two bike helmets, a Power Wheels car that doesn’t work, an impromptu photo shoot of the baby bird unfortunate enough to have been found in [...]

Mar 4 2015

Marriage and Graphs and Other Not So Pretty Things

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As many of us do, I married my opposite.   Even science confirms it in our case. Several years ago Josh and I took a personality test, the results of which we mapped as coordinates on the same graph. Areas of personal strengths and preference were ranked high on the chart. Places we struggled or didn’t value were plotted low.  We then connected our dots with a line so we could [...]

Feb 19 2015

Guest Post: Janet Surette

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I met the lovely and gracious Janet Surette at a writer's conference last May in Asheville, N.C. Janet is on the right. Our sweet and equally lovely friend, Heather, is in the middle. And I am on the left. With the big hair. She was a tall, willowy Canadian that ate gluten-free and exhaled wisdom.  I followed her around like a puppy, and she let me.  If anything, Janet [...]

Oct 16 2014

This has Something to do with Football (But I’m not Sure What)

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I was supposed to be writing my blog last night. It was going to be moving and articulate. You were probably going to be in tears. I had set aside time for it, even planned for Josh and the kids to be out of the house so I could whip it out without all their helpful interruptions. Instead, Josh and I had a good solid fight about the mayonnaise and [...]

Aug 28 2014

Josh, Socks and Disappointment with God

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I married a man of many theories. I should have known this was coming when at our rehearsal dinner his father quoted their family crest: “Often wrong, but never in doubt.” Never before have truer words been said. And over the years, this little insight has proven both incredibly prophetic and incredibly maddening. Josh’s theories are a matter of certainty for him. Until they he decides they are incorrect, that [...]

Jun 11 2014

When Life Happens…

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I nearly died this week. Or maybe I should say I wanted to die this week. But there wouldn’t be a runaway minivan or a creepy bad guy  to blame in on this time. It was my own cursed sinuses that were the culprit. I felt a little bit like ripping my own face off, just to release some of the pressure. But, alas, a face comes in handy when [...]

Apr 16 2014

Marriage…and Mayonaise

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A few months after Edy turned four, she walked into the kitchen and threw this one at me: “Mommy, I’m pregnant.” I admit. It caught me a little off guard. “What does ‘pregnant’ mean, darling?” I asked. “It means I’m a princess.” I carefully (and very briefly) explained the actual definition of pregnancy, and she quickly realized her error. “Oh,” she said, “I mean, I’m married.” Edy, Age 4 [...]

Mar 19 2014

Sewers, Sinuses and Fighting in the Bathroom

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So here’s how my week has been (summed up in a handy-dandy math problem): Dr. Daddy taking one last look at those massive tonsils. Hattie + Tonsillectomy = Six long, sleepless nights and fairly miserable days with a little girl whose throat is so sore even ice cream hurts going down. Add that to: Owning a rental property + Water lines that bust, sewers that back up, and [...]

Jan 29 2014

The Quiet

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Long, long ago, in a land far away (or so it seems now), Josh and I were dating.  We were eating at our favorite restaurant—the one with tiny tables, checkered tablecloths, low lights and a fellow in the corner strumming his guitar.  We were making the usual googly-eyes at each other when I noticed a couple a few tables away.  They were older, probably in their sixties, and all the time [...]

Dec 31 2013

Pillow Fights (And Not the Fun Kind)

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Christmas Eve morning. 5:30 a.m. My first thought: I want to whack Josh in the face with a pillow. Christian had been up and down all night- mad about something- so I had been up and down as well. I patted, snuggled, sang, located run-away pacifiers and the like, and all the while Sleeping Beauty with his fifteen pillows in the next room snoozed through the whole thing.  I considered [...]

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