Sep 3 2015

It’s Not About the House

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Well, this happened a few weeks ago. First grade. Sniff, sniff.   And then this happened. Fact: They will still let you buy farms even when your hair is really, really greasy. (And your pictures are really, really blurry.) Which equals this: Moving day. More sniff, sniff.  (Also, I had no idea we were so junky. I blame Josh Hall.) And add in Toothless [...]

Aug 12 2015

Protein, Paleo, and Those Evil Prime Numbers

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I have discovered something about myself over the last 23 days or so. I do not like being out of balance. It explains why I never much cared for teeter-totters and my general dislike for odd numbers. (The number 19 makes me shiver.) I want symmetry and even-ness. I want balance. And I want chocolate. So it was possibly the dumbest thing Josh and I have ever done when we [...]

Sep 18 2014

A Little Love Story

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Once upon a time, I fancied myself madly in love.  These are not the boots, but if I paste a picture of them I am in danger of becoming entranced again. So, look at these boots and imagine something 40 bazillion times better. Those are my boots. It was beautiful. Innocently googling one day, and my eyes were opened to a glorious future. Those riding boots were made [...]

Jun 18 2014

A Call to Die (Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

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Just after graduating high school, when I was way too cool to participate in anything meaningful and designed to point me toward maturity, my church hosted a fun evening of separate Father/Son and Mother/Daughter events. The men were going camping, complete with a whole-pig roasting and “Dressling” matches, a clever little sport where participants put on thrift-store dresses over their clothes and wrestle, as seen here during a rather intense [...]

Jun 11 2014

When Life Happens…

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I nearly died this week. Or maybe I should say I wanted to die this week. But there wouldn’t be a runaway minivan or a creepy bad guy  to blame in on this time. It was my own cursed sinuses that were the culprit. I felt a little bit like ripping my own face off, just to release some of the pressure. But, alas, a face comes in handy when [...]

Apr 1 2014

Creaky Floors, Creaky Feet, and Just Saying “No”

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We lived in this fabulous old house growing up.  It had character by the bucket load. I loved that place. Me (age 2, not 4) with my brothers in our front yard. The house came with one of those ancient, bright red gas stoves in the kitchen. (What was it with us and big red things?) To cook on it, you had to turn on the burner with [...]

Feb 4 2014

It’s (Not) About Me.

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A few years ago, we were on our way to Branson, Missouri to visit the fabulously fantastic Silver Dollar City when Edy got carsick.  (Yes, Silver Dollar City really is that wonderful. Seriously, I want to retire there. Josh will grow a big beard and work in the carpenter’s shop, and I’ll wear an old-timey dress and get to make (and eat) cinnamon rolls in the bakery all day. It [...]

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