Nov 17 2016

Fuzzy Heads, Cold Toes, and Why I’m Moving Into a Bunker

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My sweet Christian is an unfortunately early, early bird—generally coming in our room about 5:45 in morning to ask if it’s time to get up—but today was like a weekend; he didn’t wander in until 6:15 or so. Still his fuzzy-headedness was irresistible, and I invited he and his Spider Man blanket and his ice-cold toes to join me in the bed. Christian,” I asked, “Do you know how much [...]

Nov 3 2016

A Giveaway! And What I do NOT Look Like When I’m Sleeping

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How did they get this picture of me? Were yesterday a scene from a 1940’s black and white movie, I would have been the character sitting at her typewriter wadding up page after page of doomed story attempt and tossing them over my shoulder—mostly unsuccessfully—into a nearby trashcan. Everything I attempted to write for this week’s blog felt forced. Or pointless. Or over-opinionated. Like I was a walking [...]

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