May 4 2016

Bubbles, Books, and I’m Finally Back

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So, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. It wasn’t intentional, but sometimes things happen, right? Let me catch you up. There was a trip to Nashville. I spent time with some amazing people. Josh played some expensive guitars. And the kids will remember only the bubble baths. Then there’s been sickness. I was afraid it was hitting me like it did this time last year. Remember the pneumonia? Two [...]

Jan 7 2014

Blueberries and Book Giveaways

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A few years ago- pre-children- I was eating breakfast by myself. (That was way back in the days when doing something alone was a normal, everyday thing. Oh my goodness, how I took that for granted!)  I was gazing at my cereal box with its “enlarged to show detail” generic mini-wheats dolloped with tasty blueberries when I thought to myself, “It would be nice to have blueberries on my cereal.”  [...]

Nov 23 2013

Books, Tears and Pete the Cat

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I cried in Barnes and Noble the other night. I stood there in the children’s section surrounded by Pete’s New Shoes, crayons revolting (The Day the Crayons Quit- a terribly clever book. Check it out!) and about a bazillion Berenstain Bears books and cried. Now, I don’t normally cry in retail stores, but that night was different. I was holding in my hands yet another example of God’s incredible goodness to me. It [...]

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