Oct 16 2014

This has Something to do with Football (But I’m not Sure What)

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I was supposed to be writing my blog last night. It was going to be moving and articulate. You were probably going to be in tears. I had set aside time for it, even planned for Josh and the kids to be out of the house so I could whip it out without all their helpful interruptions. Instead, Josh and I had a good solid fight about the mayonnaise and [...]

Nov 15 2013

Round Six

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If the title didn’t give it away, perhaps this will: I have unsuccessfully attempted approximately four or five previous blogs.  Sadly, none of them stuck, and other than when I experienced a burst of writing genius (which never actually happened) posts were few and very far between. And yet here I am again.  Hello.  My very newborn writing career is just beginning, and if everyone in the whole wide world [...]

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