If the title didn’t give it away, perhaps this will: I have unsuccessfully attempted approximately four or five previous blogs.  Sadly, none of them stuck, and other than when I experienced a burst of writing genius (which never actually happened) posts were few and very far between.

And yet here I am again. 


My very newborn writing career is just beginning, and if everyone in the whole wide world is right, I need to be practicing my craft if I want to get better. 

So one thing to know about me: I don’t like practice. 

My husband is a whiz at playing guitar, woodworking, singing-loudly, bee-keeping, juggling, piano tuning, riding wheeled objects… The list truly could go on and on. He would say it’s because he loves to practice, much unlike his impatient and easily frustrated wife. Well, he probably wouldn’t say that last part, but it would be true if he did. 

I am also very uncomfortable with self-promotion. And creating a website and blog where I primarily talk about myself and my life goes pretty well completely against what makes me tick.

However, this writing thing that I’m on has been absolutely in every single, possible way orchestrated by God. I can take no credit for these little books that have been created and now have my name on them. He has been so very good to me and (I suspect) wants me to use this gift of writing for His glory. 

And if there’s one thing I’m learning during this season of my life, it’s that God is not terribly concerned about my comfort.  

And so blogging is muy uncomfortable for me.  I can’t really imagine that anyone would be interested enough in my life to merit my writing about it. Heck, I’m not even that interested in my life sometimes. 

It can be quiet boring. I wipe bottoms. Wipe noses. Wipe tables. And do it all over again. 

It’s also quite messy.  Both in the cluttery kid’s-toys-everywhere sense and in the I-don’t-know-what-the-hey-diddle-I’m-doing-parenting-three-human-beings sense.  There are days (most, in fact) when I pray for wisdom something like three billion times. 

And then I wonder if God gets tired of refereeing my madhouse when I am at my wits end and am begging him to intervene in the fifteenth who-touched-who first situation of the day.   

And, please Lord, I didn’t see what happened, but seriously is it possible she is telling the truth in the following scenario: “I didn’t kick her, she ran into my leg?”  

So, in a nutshell, this blog will be about my life and what God is doing in it. It will be about parenting and my parenting-fails. It will be about figuring out what in the world God wants from me ‘cause I’m pretty sure it’s not for me to sit on my bee-hind watching The Office on DVD and eating bon-bons. Though that does sound pretty good.

God is up to something here, and I’m just trying to join with Him in whatever it is.

photo credit: Kristina B via photopin cc