Mar 18 2015

A Tale of Sinkholes, Snow Peas and Ugly Good Books

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The date: Monday night. The situation: Hattie was crying. Again. The location: Her bed, where she had to stay until she could get it together. The scenario: Illogical tears. Again. The conversation: Me: “Hattie, you’ve got to get control of your emotions. You are getting far too upset over the smallest things tonight.” (And every night. If anyone has any advice on dealing with a child who cries for 15 [...]

Feb 19 2015

Guest Post: Janet Surette

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I met the lovely and gracious Janet Surette at a writer's conference last May in Asheville, N.C. Janet is on the right. Our sweet and equally lovely friend, Heather, is in the middle. And I am on the left. With the big hair. She was a tall, willowy Canadian that ate gluten-free and exhaled wisdom.  I followed her around like a puppy, and she let me.  If anything, Janet [...]

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