Dec 31 2014

The Good News.

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Dear “My Christmas Expectations,”  You ruin things. Sincerely, Me P.S. I don’t care for you.  P.P.S. Seriously. I don’t. ~        Christmas at my parents' home. Before. (Scenes like this are made possible by people who have many, many children.) I stood in front of the dolls at Target for a good half an hour and then spent another few hours looking online. I even made [...]

Aug 21 2014

Ears and Fears: Round 6.

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It was Wednesday night and Josh wasn’t home. I was putting the kids to bed myself. They’d been bathed, brushed, dressed, read to, sang to, prayed to, devotionized, the whole bit. It was past bedtime. The girls had been swimming that day and both needed drops in their ears.  I did Edy’s first. Easy peasy. Then there was Hattie. Standard Hattie: cape, tie dye and her "cool" face. [...]

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