Jul 8 2015

When Daddy says No

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I was talking to Josh a few days ago and wondering aloud if my blog was becoming something of a health-and-wealth-er. You know, I write things that make people feel good and avoid writing about what might tick them off. (‘Cause the 15-year-old Hannah trapped in 32-year-old Hannah's body still wants you to like her, that’s why.) And since my intent with this blog is to make God and his [...]

May 27 2015

Scribbles, Yawns, and When You’re Never, Ever, EVER Alone

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This is what happens when you leave your Bible open:   It’s a fitting passage for two-year-old Hattie to have scribbled out, actually.  When we chose her name it was because I thought it was cute and old fashion-dy. I disregarded that Hattie means, “Ruler of the Household.” So her marking out the verses in 1 Peter about wives submitting to their husbands makes sense, really. She’s may have a [...]

May 7 2015

When It’s (Not) Easy, Peasy Lemon-Squeezy

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Somewhere around 8 p.m. on Day five on the Nate-Fisher’s-Life-Outside-the-Womb timeline, Josh and I finally had three out of four kids in bed and were desperate to head there ourselves. I nearly posted a picture of me holding Nate right around Day 5, but it was just too hideous. So I took me out of it, and this cuteness was left. A vast improvement, I think. With brains [...]

Apr 22 2015

Big Struggles, Long Waits and One Little Fish

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Hi Friends. It’s been a while, eh? This Dreamboat came into the world while I was gone: Meet Nate Fisher. Born April 8th. 7 lbs, 1 oz. Goes by any of the following: Nate, Nate Fisher, Fisher, Little Fish, and my favorite so far, compliments of my nickname-loving father: Fish Stick. I’ve been staring at him ever since. He’s healthy, beautiful and makes my heart ever so happy. [...]

Feb 4 2015

When Undies Aren’t Funny

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This weekend was about 3,000 hours long. I’m no smarty-pants, but I’m pretty sure weekends supposed to go by faster than that.  In further efforts to ruin my day, Josh kept excellent tabs on just how many overturned  and abandoned vehicles they saw while on their trek home. He was sure to post them on social media sites frequently, just to keep us nervous wives informed, I suppose. The [...]

Nov 5 2014

Nose Picking for Beginners

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I had one of my favorite bedtime conversations to date with this gal this week. Hattie: “Mommy, I’m scared of the dark.” Me: “You don’t need to be scared, Sweetie. God says he has his angels all around us to protect us.” Hattie: “But why can’t I see them?” Me: “I don’t know. That’s the way God decided that it would be.” (I could use help with answering this question [...]

Sep 4 2014

Legos, Life and a Little Bit of Jesus

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I am really going to mess with Josh’s head if I don’t stop posting about how brilliant he is, but here I am again. I realized in a moment of horrific epiphany this last week that yet another of his bizarre little sayings was actually quite true. (But for the sake of keeping him humble, first please enjoy another one of my favorite shots of him, acting very much like [...]

Jun 18 2014

A Call to Die (Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

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Just after graduating high school, when I was way too cool to participate in anything meaningful and designed to point me toward maturity, my church hosted a fun evening of separate Father/Son and Mother/Daughter events. The men were going camping, complete with a whole-pig roasting and “Dressling” matches, a clever little sport where participants put on thrift-store dresses over their clothes and wrestle, as seen here during a rather intense [...]

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