Jun 29 2016

Baby dolls, Paint Jobs, and Six Measly Books

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Sweet socks, eh? Years ago, I saved my allowance for a bath time baby doll. I must have been about nine, and I had to have that doll. The girls in the commercial with their strategically placed bubbles were having a blast with her; I would too. She came with robe, for relaxing after bath time; I would relax and wear my robe too. It would be amazing [...]

Mar 30 2016

Holiness, Sin, and Tapered-Leg Jeans

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I suspect God had to chuckle at himself a bit when he gave me two daughters right off the bat.  Payback would be sweet. My mother especially deserves a good stern handshake for surviving my teen years. Clothing was a major issue. In my 14-year-old brilliance, I was certain that those high-waisted pants and tapered-leg jeans she wore would never, ever in a thousand-bazillion years be in style, and therefore she [...]

Sep 10 2014

Ripples and Rewards

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Somewhere around this age:  I decided I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up.  Never mind that I had never taken nor would ever take a dance class, the tiny figurine on the top of my music box was beautiful and wore a pink tutu and that was enough. I also went ahead and put in a request to my parents that my name be changed to “Music [...]

Mar 25 2014

Garbage (And a Giveaway!)

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I’ve mentioned my childhood a few times here, but I suspect I haven’t let on just how high a degree of unusual-ness I grew up in. It was up there. There were seven of us, so we required a large vehicle. Back when other folks were beginning to drive super-cool Suburbans, we cruised in an enormous, bright red passenger van. The Big Red Van (in its glory days.) [...]

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