Mar 4 2015

Marriage and Graphs and Other Not So Pretty Things

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As many of us do, I married my opposite.   Even science confirms it in our case. Several years ago Josh and I took a personality test, the results of which we mapped as coordinates on the same graph. Areas of personal strengths and preference were ranked high on the chart. Places we struggled or didn’t value were plotted low.  We then connected our dots with a line so we could [...]

Feb 26 2015

The Beautiful

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A friend reminded me of C.S. Lewis this week. She mentioned Mere Christianity, which I have, to my shame, never read in it's entirety. To salvage my reputation amongst you smartypants intellectual types, I do have a favorite Lewis quote.   He writes, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”  The source of my Lewis quote, in case you were wondering. (And annother [...]

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