Jun 16 2017

When the Trampoline Needs Untangling

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Deep into the wee hours one night, spring came ferociously roaring through our small town. It took our trampoline with it. Once the major threat of tornadoes had passed and the agonizing should we or shouldn’t we wake the kids up to hide in the almost-just-as-scary-as-a-tornado storm shelter decision had been made, there was only one thing I really prayed about: that silly trampoline. Lord, please spare it. He didn’t. We [...]

Dec 7 2015

The Year of the (Im)Perfect Advent

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I’ll never forget the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. That’s when I learned to embroider. While my husband cheered on the bobsledders and skiers beside me, I toiled over the 24 hand-stitched, felt ornaments that would hang on our Advent calendar that Christmas. Never mind that I had never embroidered a single thing in my life or that December was still ten months away, Advent that year would be something special. [...]

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