May 13 2015

When It Comes in Sips

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One time, I flew to Venezuela. By myself. When I was 16. And, no, I have no idea what my parents were thinking. It was for a mission trip, in their defense, but I didn’t know anyone else going and ended up having no way to call my parents the entire time I was gone. I couldn’t even let them know that I had arrived safely. The first night there [...]

May 7 2015

When It’s (Not) Easy, Peasy Lemon-Squeezy

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Somewhere around 8 p.m. on Day five on the Nate-Fisher’s-Life-Outside-the-Womb timeline, Josh and I finally had three out of four kids in bed and were desperate to head there ourselves. I nearly posted a picture of me holding Nate right around Day 5, but it was just too hideous. So I took me out of it, and this cuteness was left. A vast improvement, I think. With brains [...]

Apr 29 2015

The Tale of the Fly

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Many moons ago, Josh and I were painting our garage. I didn’t want to be painting the garage. It was hot, and the garage was big and this was back before we had kiddos and I took for granted what a luxury it was to complete a Saturday afternoon project without having to stop 37 times because someone pooped or fell off their bike or needed a snack. (I love [...]

Apr 22 2015

Big Struggles, Long Waits and One Little Fish

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Hi Friends. It’s been a while, eh? This Dreamboat came into the world while I was gone: Meet Nate Fisher. Born April 8th. 7 lbs, 1 oz. Goes by any of the following: Nate, Nate Fisher, Fisher, Little Fish, and my favorite so far, compliments of my nickname-loving father: Fish Stick. I’ve been staring at him ever since. He’s healthy, beautiful and makes my heart ever so happy. [...]

Mar 18 2015

A Tale of Sinkholes, Snow Peas and Ugly Good Books

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The date: Monday night. The situation: Hattie was crying. Again. The location: Her bed, where she had to stay until she could get it together. The scenario: Illogical tears. Again. The conversation: Me: “Hattie, you’ve got to get control of your emotions. You are getting far too upset over the smallest things tonight.” (And every night. If anyone has any advice on dealing with a child who cries for 15 [...]

Jan 14 2015

On Going to Bed with Batteries

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Our sweet (and difficult and hilarious and fearsome) Christian has developed a few special loves in his short life. They are the following, ranked in order of importance: 1.)                   Grandpas (his in particular, but any older, graying fellow will suffice.) 2.)                   Hammers, screwdrivers and any other sharp or heavy life-threatening man-tools. 3.)                   Batteries. Personally, I can understand the love of grandpas and tools. He is a boy, after all. But [...]

Dec 31 2014

The Good News.

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Dear “My Christmas Expectations,”  You ruin things. Sincerely, Me P.S. I don’t care for you.  P.P.S. Seriously. I don’t. ~        Christmas at my parents' home. Before. (Scenes like this are made possible by people who have many, many children.) I stood in front of the dolls at Target for a good half an hour and then spent another few hours looking online. I even made [...]

Dec 10 2014

Fear not! Daddy is with you.

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Back before I had kiddos, I worked an office job with several of you lovely readers.  I enjoyed the position, but it had an unfortunate side effect: my dreams. Not my dreams for the future dreams. Rather, my dreams. At night. I stood at a copy machine and I copied papers. For hours. In my dreams. Night after night, I dreamed the same boring copier dream. I felt betrayed by [...]

Nov 19 2014

That One (Brief) Time We Halls were Big-Wigs…

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A few days ago, Josh and I secured a couple of fabulous babysitters (‘cause our kids take 2), got all gussied up and went to a fancy fundraiser banquet for a local crisis pregnancy center. I had registered us to attend months back, but I didn’t remember receiving any confirmation. So a few days before the banquet, I sent a quick e-mail to the organization’s executive director, who I had [...]

Oct 29 2014

Warning: Scariness Ahead

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Christian is running. Everywhere he goes, he runs (and pushes and bites.) He’s a serious little combination of stout legs, strong torso and an accidental (but convincing) Three Stooges haircut (compliments of his mother.) He is two this week. Beware. Hattie loves books, asking questions and crying. A lot. She is emotional, a fantastic hand-holder and makes us laugh on purpose. A lot. She has thankfully recovered from that horrible [...]

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