Jan 7 2015

And Here We Go Again…

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Our furnace is going out.  Hattie drew this picture of Josh a few days ago. I think it's quite accurate and explains why the furnace issue isn't as big a deal to him. You'd be warm too...if hair circled your entire head. The last few days I’ve been instructed by Josh (who sits in a warm office 8 hours a day) to “keep it turned off until you [...]

Sep 4 2014

Legos, Life and a Little Bit of Jesus

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I am really going to mess with Josh’s head if I don’t stop posting about how brilliant he is, but here I am again. I realized in a moment of horrific epiphany this last week that yet another of his bizarre little sayings was actually quite true. (But for the sake of keeping him humble, first please enjoy another one of my favorite shots of him, acting very much like [...]

May 7 2014

When You Lose…And Then You Win

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Many of you who read this blog have known me for as long as I have existed. You’ve watched me grow and graduate and marry and birth some kiddos and settle, and I suspect, to the outside eye, it has all seemed quite normal.  Unexceptional. Rather boring, even. But something happened one day seven years ago that gave my average, unexceptional, American Christian life a swift kick in the pants. [...]

Jan 29 2014

The Quiet

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Long, long ago, in a land far away (or so it seems now), Josh and I were dating.  We were eating at our favorite restaurant—the one with tiny tables, checkered tablecloths, low lights and a fellow in the corner strumming his guitar.  We were making the usual googly-eyes at each other when I noticed a couple a few tables away.  They were older, probably in their sixties, and all the time [...]

Jan 14 2014

Fear, Faith and Scary Men at the Park

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“Edy Jane, why are you up?” It was about the fifth time she had gotten out of bed that night, and Josh and I had had it.  She was 3 ½ years old at the time. Sweet, smart, and somewhat resembling a Dr. Seuss character… But her critical thinking skills were poor. Having already used all the usual excuses- I’m cold. I’m thirsty. I need to go to the bathroom. Etc.- the blank [...]

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