Dec 7 2015

The Year of the (Im)Perfect Advent

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I’ll never forget the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. That’s when I learned to embroider. While my husband cheered on the bobsledders and skiers beside me, I toiled over the 24 hand-stitched, felt ornaments that would hang on our Advent calendar that Christmas. Never mind that I had never embroidered a single thing in my life or that December was still ten months away, Advent that year would be something special. [...]

Dec 31 2014

The Good News.

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Dear “My Christmas Expectations,”  You ruin things. Sincerely, Me P.S. I don’t care for you.  P.P.S. Seriously. I don’t. ~        Christmas at my parents' home. Before. (Scenes like this are made possible by people who have many, many children.) I stood in front of the dolls at Target for a good half an hour and then spent another few hours looking online. I even made [...]

Dec 17 2014

We Sing Hallelujah.

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This boy is sick this week. Again. It seems that these pesky fevers are no respecters of the holiday. As if I don’t have a million things I need to do and then a bazillion things on top of those things that I’d like to be doing. (Like baking pumpkin bread. I love you, sweet Pumpkin Bread. Am I ever going to get to enjoy your homemade deliciousness??) At least [...]

Dec 10 2014

Fear not! Daddy is with you.

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Back before I had kiddos, I worked an office job with several of you lovely readers.  I enjoyed the position, but it had an unfortunate side effect: my dreams. Not my dreams for the future dreams. Rather, my dreams. At night. I stood at a copy machine and I copied papers. For hours. In my dreams. Night after night, I dreamed the same boring copier dream. I felt betrayed by [...]

Dec 17 2013

The Manger, the Cross and Your Teeth

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So our family devotion times have been pretty hit and miss. Not in consistency. We’ve been consistent. But success has been considerably harder to measure. One night the girls will impress us with what they retained from the evening before: “Immanuel means ‘God with us!’” The next night Hattie interrupts the prophecy in Isaiah with this question: “Why do your teeth stay in your mouth?” Since it just so happened [...]

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